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Reducing production complexity: The right fastening solution from the design phase

heat sink

“The customer contacted us for the heat sink in the headlight body for Jaguar Land Rover. While working on their issue with the heat sink, we also pointed out a better solution for the fastening of the PCB,” said Klemens Freyinger, product manager of clinching technology.

ZKW Elektronik GmbH in Wiener Neustadt, a part of the global player of lighting technology for the automotive industry, was developing a new headlight body for Jaguar Land Rover in 2018.

In the headlight, the 3-part flex-rigid circuit board, which is bent twice, is to be installed in a heat sink. The original idea of ZKW Elektronik GmbH was to screw 3 circuit boards individually on each side. After receiving the inquiry, our Sales Engineer Lothar Preininger and our Product manager of clinching Klemens Freyinger looked into the detail of the headlight body design and suggested the use of PEM SMT Standoffs (SMTSO).

flex-rigid circuit board
With the use of SMTSO fasteners, the 3-part Flex-rigid circuit board will only need to be fastened once and from one side only. That also means that two boards can be fastened with one fastening joint. On top of that, the SMTSO fasteners in the tape-and-reel packaging allow them to be installed by a pick-and-place machine like other fasteners elements without extra installation equipment and step. All the above-mentioned benefits largely reduce the number of fasteners needed, the installation time, and the installation equipment needed. 

>> Download flyer – Fastening solutions for PCB

Trusting the expert know-how – Assembly Technology Expert Services

It never goes wrong to look for expert advice during the product development process. ZKW Electronics benefited from an ample reduction of fasteners and processing time from the Expert Design Service. With more than 50 years of experience in the fastening world, KVT-Fastening, together with Bossard Group offers various engineering services for our customers in order to help them find the right solutions for their products. 

Expert Design Service enables the customers to increase the quality of their end product permanently with recommendations on materials and optimized conditions for assembly or prototyping. Based on the knowledge of 3D prototyping and CAD big data.

prototype 1prototype 2 3D prototyping

In the development of the new product the customers can benefit from various advantages:

  • Better in-place costs by choosing the right fastening design
  • Lower production costs with faster assembly processes
  • Lower cost of life cycle as a result of having the right quality of fastener

Further Expert Services are available for optimizing the fastening process and enhancing the fastening know-how.

Expert Walk Service inspects your assembly line and identifies the optimization possibilities.

Expert Education Service enhances your internal knowledge and skills in engineering principles and fastening technology.

Expert Teardown Service examines your existing products and finds out the cost-saving potential and quality improvements.

Expert Test Service tests and ensures the performance of the fasteners used in your product.

Expert Assortment Analysis Service rationalizes fasteners and streamlines the bill of material to reduce the total cost of ownership. 

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