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Fors MW increased manufacturing efficiency with HUCK BobTail


Fors MW is the proud owner and producer of the BIGAB hook lift system. Last autumn it introduced the first trailer BIGAB B 20 in the new re-designed BIGAB product range. This October it will continue the introduction of two more models B 10 and B 12. 

The hook lift is used for lifting heavy weights of the agricultural and forestry machines, the structure and the assembly of the parts have to be rigid and enduring for the heavy weight load. In the past, the structure of the hook lift system was welded together. However, welding requires well-trained workers, who are not easy to find these days, and it takes more time to assemble. 

In 2018, Fors MW started looking into an alternative solution for assembling the hook lift. The targets set for the design department were twofold. A completely new design of the 45-year-old hook lift and an increased efficiency when manufacturing the trailer. Both targets were achieved through the HUCK bolt system
BobtailFors MW got in contact with Pawel Czetyrkowski, our Technical Sales Engineer for the Baltic area.  With KVT-Fastening, Fors MW tested Huck BobTail bolting technology and it was the best solution for their application. According to the CEO of Fors MW, Ulrica Fors, the reasons are various; just to mention some:

  • Increased speed in production and assembly by reducing the need for welding
  • Increased modularity
  • Eliminates tight fittings
  • Reliable against vibration
  • Strong clamping force

Wit the support from KVT-Fastening for the testing of the HUCK bolts and the installation tools, the first re-design of the hook lift went successfully, and the next one is in planning to replace the welding with another dimesion of the HUCK BobTail® lock bolts. 

HUCK BobTail® – lock bolts

The HUCK BobTail® lock bolts enable simple connections of extremely high strength to be made. Unlike previous lock bolts, the HUCK BobTail® is designed without a pin-tail, meaning that no uncoated pin-break is needed. Using the newly developed, compact, semi-automatic setting tools, the lock bolts are set in only two seconds – almost twice as fast as competing products.

More about HUCK BobTail® lock bolts: Download the brochure

Expert Design Service – Design your best product

The Bossard / KVT Expert Design enables you to increase the quality of your end product permanently with recommendations on materials and optimized conditions for assembly or with prototyping. Based on the knowledge of 3D prototyping and CAD big data.

In the development of your new product you can benefit from various advantages:

  • Better in-place cost: choose the right fastening design
  • Lower production cost with faster assembly processes
  • Lower cost of life cycle as a result of having the right quality of fastener

Expert Test Services – Technical Test Laboratory for Fasteners

With our technical test laboratories, we support you in testing the quality of your products and prototypes, performing damage analyses, and reducing risks in a targeted manner.

With our vast array of testing options, we can handle our customers’ versatile product range with ease. By continuously expanding our testing methods to include standardized procedures, we are always in tune with the latest developments and can offer you state-of-the-art technology.

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