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Optimize the flow of materials and reduce operating costs with ‚‚SmartBin Cloud”

This is called a practical win-win situation: By becoming a member of the European 4.0 Transformation Center, KVT-Fastening/Bossard Germany has access to the unique living demonstrator environment of the DFA Demonstration Factory Aachen on the RWTH Aachen campus. There prototypes, components and assemblies are developed and presented – the connection specialist not only provides the necessary screws, thread inserts, nuts, hinges blind rivets, etc. for so called use cases from its extensive range, but also provides “Smart Factory Logistics” (SFL) also logistics solutions for B and C parts.


More than the sum of its parts: SmartBin plus Last Mile Management plus SmartLabel

There has now been a premiere with the current DFA project, which focuses on the creation of human avatars as part of their digitization strategy. For the first time, the fully automatic “SmartBin Cloud” ensures that the connecting elements required for the measurement booths are always available in sufficient numbers at the assembly area. Alexander Theologou, SFL Group Leader at KVT-Fastening / Bossard Germany: “The new, comprehensive system combines the tried and tested “SmartBin” system and Last Mile Management with the latest “SmartLabel” system - and is a pioneer with regard to Industry 4.0 for further technological innovations."

In practice: The B and C parts are kept in SmartBin containers with weight sensors at the assembly area. SmartBin Cloud, which is fully integrated and does not require any additional infrastructure, now reacts quickly, securely, and proactively even to peaks in demand. Because sensors measure the inventory of parts in real time and forward the data to KVT-Fastening / Bossard Germany via the cloud. As soon as the minimum stock of B and C parts is reached, refill orders are automatically triggered, with the order status and the delivery date appearing immediately on the display. "We consolidate the ordered items in one shipment in an absolutely transparent manner and without any time delay and deliver them to the customer," says Alexander Theologou



Full control and security in material proucrement

The SFL specialist continues: “The advantages of SmartBin Cloud are convincing. In terms of material procurement, the system not only grants full control over the entire order cycle, reliability and security, the real-time data is easily accessible to customers at any time and any place via an industrial cloud connection. In this way we shorten order and delivery times, ensure a lean process without manual intervention, and reduce the total operating costs.” Automatic error detection and continuous warehouse adjustment in 24/7 operation are also a matter of course. 


The „Internet of Things“ in practice

Perfect system integration: data in real time, the connection to other systems or the integration via an interface to your own ERP system, highest reliability and maximum flexibility in the delivery of the work or production place - for Alexander Theologou "SmartBin" is one of several “Smart Factory Logistics” answers with which KVT-Fastening / Bossard Germany brings the “Internet of Things”, i.e. machine-to-machine communication, into companies and optimizes the supply chain there”.


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The European 4.0 Transformation GmbH, based on the RWTH Aachen Campus, brings together experts in digital business transformation from industry and science. With expertise in the areas of strategy development, process design, service management, software development and automation, agile solutions for the digital transformation of industrial companies are developed. In the real production environment of the center, these are tested in an application-oriented manner and continuously developed.


The DFA Demonstration Factory Aachen is the central production environment on the RWTH Aachen campus and is deeply rooted in the Euregio Aachen. She is the competent contact for the development and production of prototypes up to the realization of products in small series in the field of metal forming. Die DFA produces assemblies and individual components for numerous customers, implements innovative projects together with customers for various industries and is a reliable partner, also for small companies.